Sunday, 13 January 2013

Flatform Fetish

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New year, new blog right? I've actually lost count of how many times I've started a new blog and said I'm going to stick at it, I'm hopeless! who's to know whether or not this one will get forgotten with the responsibilities of college work and just generally being lazy, however one of my new years resolutions was to 'leave no task unfinished' I've is started now so no backing out.. hopefully

Anyways on with today's post, the flatforms. the love started towards the end of last year and crept into 2013. I adore everything to do with flatforms from the variety of styles they come in and looks that can be achieved to the extra bit of height that they give. My range of flatforms vary from the sophisticated and easily dressed up to the tough grungy and very beaten down creepers. Did i mention the comfort?! after the wearing in stage its like walking on clouds! Overall they give me the choice of switching up my style effortlessly,which is what i love, versatility. I literally could live in flatforrms!


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